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VERO MODA is a company working within fashion. We, therefore, understand and prepare ourselves for the future requirements of a fashion brand. 

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers – as we keep on researching and developing, while looking towards new ways of innovation on materials and establishing strong, like-minded partnerships. And because transformation and pushing forward are in our DNA, we commit to this pledge and admit that a larger part of our collections needs to be produced in a more thoughtful way.

You will experience this commitment in our day-to-day activities covering everything from the raw materials, we use in our garments, to our bags and packages. But it does not stop there – we want to implement this way of working and thinking sustainability, into our business as much as possible. In this way, we might be able to take more action and enable greater progress, faster. An important steppingstone towards this, is AWARE – a stand-alone brand within BESTSELLER.


The raw materials and the production processes of our garments are where our biggest impact is – so, we naturally set in here, with a focus on choosing materials that have less influence on the environment and climate. At VERO MODA we talk about these materials as certified and/or branded.

/ Certified & Branded Materials: The fibres we use have a reduced environmental impact compared to conventional fibres of the same category. Examples of this could be preservation of water resources, usage of renewable energy and safer chemicals during the production of fibres.

/ We use at least 50% of these fibres in the products, unless the materials do not support a high percentage of certified and branded due to quality issues. This can be a mix of two or more certified and branded materials, as long as the total is a minimum of 50%.
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