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As an international fashion brand, we have an opportunity and responsibility to impact the people who work in our supply chain, positively.

In line with BESTSELLER, we commit ourselves to work towards becoming Fair For All by supporting dignity, equality and safe working conditions for all people across our value chain. Our Code of Conduct, and supply chain-related policies outline the ethics and behaviour we expect from the suppliers and subcontractors, we partner with. Furthermore, we also maintain close relationships with our suppliers, where we take on an active role and participate in resolving issues through our various sourcing offices around the world.

From longstanding relationships with suppliers - to empowering individuals that we work with, daily. We stand closely with our partners and people to ensure that we raise the standard for our suppliers. Trust is key and fosters the ability to grow together.

Material claims are a central part of VERO MODA’s accountability practices. We want our products to be qualified according to well-trusted textile standards. We are proud of the steps we have been taking so far.

The clothes, you wear go through a lot before they actually reach you. We focus on areas like traceability, fibre standards and certifications – to make sure we do our part in lessening the climate impact – making
it easier for you to make the right decision. That is why we use materials that are certified by the very best.


The EU ECOLABEL is solely awarded to products that meet high environmental standards. The entire life cycle of the product - from raw material and production - to usage, disposal, and recycling, is included in the assessment, when the EU Ecolabel requirements are defined. 3% of all styles in VERO MODA are certified with the EU Ecolabel – it is not a high percentage, but the volume is quite high. So, when you buy a VERO MODA style with the EU ECOLABEL, you know it meets strict chemical and environmental standards.
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Fashion is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Our goal – as a well-trusted fashion brand – is not only to foster the changes but to hold ourselves accountable and actively allocate the steps for change.
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