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Steady Steps


/ In 2021, 32% of the fibres used in the production contain Certified and Branded materials.

/ EU ECO LABEL: VERO MODA is amongst the first brands in BESTSELLER with the EU-Eco flower certification received in 2020. A certification that creates reliability amongst our partners and customers. Approximately 3% of our styles are EU-Eco flower certified – not high in percentage, but high in the number of styles.

/ AWARE: We establish AWARE as a pilot project to reshape our existing practices and to increase our steps towards a more thoughtful future.


/ By 2022 we will source 100% of our cotton from certified and/or branded alternatives such as: Organic cotton, Recycled cotton, In-conversion cotton and CmiA (Cotton made in Africa).

/ Cotton direct-to-farm project: When sourcing through direct-to-farm, we know where our raw materials come from and the communities that grow it, what impact our investment has, and how our pre-financing of seeds has helped.

/ Leaving 2021, our owned and operated buildings globally will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

/ We will improve on digitisation. As it drives smarter processes across our businesses and everything we do.


/ By 2025, we will source 50% of our polyester from recycled polyester or Certified and/or Branded materials.

/ We will source 50% of our wool in line with industry best practice, such as the Responsible Wool Standard20.

/ By 2025, we will have phased out single-use virgin plastic wherever possible.

/ We will provide our customers and consumers with information on the environmental impacts of core products, and we will show year-on-year improvements.

/ We will facilitate the development of more sustainable fibres and materials at market scale through innovation and industry collaborations.
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