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Sustainability takes not one, but many forms. With sustainability, there is no ‘one size fits all’ or one way of doing things. It is therefore a challenge and complex task to define, understand and talk about sustainability.

VERO MODA is on a journey and our commitment to undergo changes towards achieving the EU goals for our industry that spans from supply chain and manufacturing, to packaging and operations. And AWARE – a steppingstone towards true progress. With a renewed focus, we have tried to gather all our work – in the following – to address and illustrate the changes we are making, and steps taken to reduce our environmental footprint.
As a brand within the BESTSELLER Group, we actively take part in the overall Fashion FWD sustainability framework – the overall goals we set to bring fashion forward. For more information regarding sustainability, human rights, supply chain management, materials, investments and more, or to see our public factory lists and Fashion FWD progress reports, please visit

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