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Crafted from a stand-alone brand. To an attentive target group.
AWARE sets out to prove that fashion can be done in a respectful way.

AWARE is a contributory attempt to make fashion that is less harmful to the environment. At AWARE we focus on becoming a better option.

We create products that leave a lower footprint than conventional products. All our seasonal collections are created around Certified and Branded raw materials such as Lenzing, recycled polyester and recycled cotton – raw materials which have been shown to have less impact on the environment compared to conventional ones. Each collection pays homage to craftsmanship and is full of unexpected, playful contrasts.

AWARE appeals to fashion-savvy individuals and attentive women, who demand better choices in their everyday life and deny to compromise on principles such as price, quality and sustainability, when it comes to fashion.

Creating fashion that has a lower environmental footprint and is better in quality, is neither fast nor is it low-cost. But it is however
a way to deliver fashion styles that might be used beyond more than one season – and that is what matters most to us!

*Read more about Certified & Branded fibres here.

AWARE mindset
Uncompromising fashion

We approach our processes with a forward-thinking mindset. We design items to be loved and worn now – and seasons beyond.

We are aware because we cannot afford not to be. As of 2021, at least 94% of the AWARE collection is made with certified and/or branded materials.

“AWARE; a team of enthusiasts that make meaningful and well-considered fashion that transcends trends - and goes beyond a season.“


AWARE highlights

/ The fabrics and trademarks AWARE use are either recycled or organic raw materials, branded or certified fibres like Eco Vero by Lenzing.

/ Together with our biggest supplier on jersey, in Bangladesh, we have also achieved the EU ECOLABEL
 a certification for environmental excellence, and something we are quite proud of. The EU Ecolabel also focuses on Working conditions, Organic cultivation and textile durability.

In 2021, we launched a nearshore express setup in Europe minimizing both lead-time and transport.

/ The benefits of using branded fibres and getting our products certified by 3. parties are, that we can document our claims towards more sustainability.

AWARE focus on long-lasting trends – not the weekly fashion fix. And whenever we can, we use alternative options for thread, buttons and lining. We are heading in the right direction, with small but steady steps – weaving integrity into the fabric of our business.
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